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Storage Solutions for a Small Home

While small houses are more affordable to keep, cheaper to purchase and cosier to live in than larger ones, they often lack enough storage place. Maintaining a clean and tidy home with overflowing cupboards and piles of books stacked on the floor can be incredibly difficult when you have nowhere to put things and keep tripping over your belongings; if you’re in search of self-storage solutions to your seemingly endless list of domestic problems that are caused by the inability to neatly pack away or even find something, there any many ways in which you can optimise space to maximise your storage options and make your home a happier one.

If you’re in need of more space, traffic flow and storage, consider including some of these ideas in your home:

  • Purchase beds which have a solid base with drawers, providing ample space to store sheets, linen, pillows and even extra towels. If you have extra room, you can even keep your off season clothes here.
  • Install a stair case bookshelf for easy access and storage for all your books and ornaments. Contact a professional architect and builder for help with this.
  • Make the most of a cupboard under the stairs, using it to store all sports equipment and household tools that have no other allocated room.
  • Use old suitcases and trunks to home keepsakes and old possessions that you’re not quite ready to part with yet. They will add a vintage feel to your room and will provide easy access while keeping things neat and tidy
  • If you need to store possessions under tables, hide them with fabric curtains or table clothes; this way you’ll be able to eliminate the feel of clutter and store them away.
  • Utilise shoe organisers in your wardrobe for all your different shoes – this will also free up the area on the bottom of your wardrobe for boxes and other belongings. Show organisers are also great for storing belts and socks.
  • Install window seats in your lounge, bedroom and even kitchen. They’ll provide seating, freeing up space from chairs, and will add extra storage space. This is also a fun DIY project as it’s merely a wooden box with a padded lid.
  • Make the most of a Lazy Susan in the kitchen, and even the bathroom – you’ll be able to wheel them out of the way easily and will be able to easily access utensils and toiletries.
  • If the cavity for your fridge is much bigger than the fridge itself, fill in the gaps with a DIY wine or spice rack, or even a shelf for your recipe books.
  • Use self-storage solutions and store you boxes, furniture and belongings in a secure unit off your property. You’ll enjoy the relief of more space and less clutter while being able to access your locked away possessions when needed

    • While finding enough storage in a small home can be quite tricky, there are definitely ways in which it can be achieved. Make the most of shelves, drawers and clever quick fix solutions, and try to bring as much light and air into your house to increase its visual space. Keep a clear walk way at all times so that you don’t feel trapped by any of your possessions and remember that there is always a solution to the chaos and clutter, whether it be self-storage solutions, shoe organisers or window seats.

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