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Some important questions to ask yourself when downsizing

That Storage Place is the trusted provider of secure, spacious storage space in the beautiful Paarl Valley, providing convenient self-storage solutions for the regions of Cape Town, Paarl and beyond. The well-protected facilities are guarded by a 24-hour state-of-the-art security system which includes CCTV surveillance and biometric access control, so you can rest easy knowing that your goods are safe.

That Storage Place is a trusted, reliable company with an impeccable reputation, providing one of the best self-storage spaces in Cape Town and Paarl. Regardless of whether you are a business which needs the extra space or an individual looking for somewhere safe to keep your possessions, this is an ideal solution with varying sizes of storage space to suit your specific requirements. You can visit your space whenever you choose and if you have any queries, the professional, friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Downsizing can be quite a traumatic, disruptive experience, but it doesn’t have to be. If you get organised and ask yourself the right questions you can make the process a lot smoother. That Storage Place delivers the ideal solution for those wishing to downsize – simply pack up your possessions and put them in your safe self-storage space until you need them again, it couldn’t be easier.

Some handy tips and tricks and questions to ask yourself:

  • Before you start, think about all the things which are most important to you and write a list of these, so when the time to start packing comes, you know what you want to keep. Keep asking yourself what’s really important and what you can live without.
  • How many of these items do you really need to be comfortable and content?
  • Start sifting through your belongings well in advance of the move: it helps to be disciplined – set aside a day or two a week to go through each room and start letting go of the stuff you don’t need. Target areas that aren’t of as much sentimental value, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Give yourself plenty of time to make the important decisions; you don’t want to feel rushed.
  • Make decisions about the big items before you tackle the smaller ones. Keep boxes on hand and pack as you make your choices.
  • Spend some time at your new space assessing how much room it has in comparison to your current place. This can be a good reality check as sometimes seeing can help you to understand how much space you have to play with better than just going by dimensions on a sheet of paper.
  • Are you keeping it out of habit or do you really love it? Is it comfortable, well-made and built to last? Can it fulfil two functions, thus saving you space and is it appropriate for your age, physical condition and stage of life? Will it look right in your new space?
  • Go for items that have storage spaced, are scaled to a smaller environment, are easy to clean and will be used often. This can be a good reality check as sometimes seeing can help you to understand how much space you have to play with better than just going by dimensions on a sheet of paper.
  • Categorize your items: be methodical – it will make things much easier in the long run. Decide what to keep, what to store in your self-storage space, what to donate and give away, what to sell and what to discard.
That Storage Place provides exemplary self-storage in Paarl, close by to Cape Town. If you are downsizing, feel at peace knowing that the items you place in storage are extremely well-protected and secure, allowing you to focus on the changes happening in your life without worrying unnecessarily.

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